On the 2nd of December 2017, 14 young Gambian, mostly comprised of architects, engineers, contractors and masonry workers, travelled to The Auroville Earth Institute in India and attended a two weeks training program on Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks (CSEB) technology.

CSEB is an advanced engineered version of our local earth blocks traditionally used in rural areas, improved by adding 5% of cement for stabilisation purpose and compressed to achieve high compressive strength. The main objective of the training was to promote the technology in The Gambia as an alternative to conventional sand and cement block, consequently creating job opportunities for youth in a sustainable way that reduces dependency on the use of cement, timber and coastal sand as construction materials in the construction industry. The training covered feasibility studies, block production with Auram press 3000, basic design principle of using CSEB and financial overview of the technology.

“The course was a great experience in many ways. I learnt the modern techniques involved in earth construction and would like to implement the same techniques in my construction business. I would also want to transfer this knowledge to my fellow youth”

(Masamba Ceesay of Cons-tech Enterprise and Beneficiary of the CSEB training).

“Personally, the training has solidified my perception that CSEB technology can influence positive change in the construction industry to adopt the technology as an alternative greener building materials that can create jobs and reduce the dependency of limited natural resources. The training has amplified my knowledge and I was exposed to the latest development of the technology that have researched and tested by the institute. I will use the experience I gained from the training to transfer the knowledge and skill to the youths of The Gambia and beyond to promote the technology thus creating careers and eventually employment”

(Ken Mbugul Bah, Beneficiary of the CSEB training).


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