B2B MATCHMAKER – The Gambia ICT Expo (Only registered entities/companies)





The Gambia will have its ICT Expo in mid-December (one day – exact date to be confirmed) that will embed a B2B corner aiming at connecting 4 selected Gambian IT companies* supported by YEP to 8 interested buyers of IT services from different relevant sectors (with a focus –but not limited to- on UN, Telcos, private sector, graphic design companies, printing).

The matchmaker shall mobilise in advance 8 buyers from different sectors that are highly likely to buy services from 4 Gambian IT companies supported by YEP. The matchmaker has to prepare in advanced the matchmaking, to manage the logistics during the event and to monitor the participants and the potential deals resulting from this B2B corner.

Please review thoroughly the terms of reference. If interested, please submit a technical and financial proposal including timelines before October 25th to hsalem@intracen.org

* The YEP Tech team will take care of the selection

Duties and Responsibilities

Before the event: 

  • Mobilise buyers (from but not limited to- on UN, Telcos, private sector, graphic design companies, printing) that are already or very likely outsourcing mobile apps, web development, software development, contact centre, data entry and other forms of IT enabled services in the near future
  • Prepare promotional email(s), which need to refer to project partners; and validate them with YEP Tech team
  • Undertake email campaign and follow-up phone calls, using own networks. Promote the B2B event to relevant partner networks
  • Share profiles of YEP IT companies with buyers
  • Send draft individual B2B programmes to each YEP IT company one week before and the final programme 48 hours before the event.
  • Closer to the event, organise a one day preparation session to prepare the companies in terms of how to ensure a successful B2B meeting and negotiations–and take of the venue and logistics for this session.
  • Arrange for each YEP IT company a minimum of three “one-to-one" sessions with the best matching buyer.
  • Throughout the process, make sure that the YEP IT companies and the buyers are well informed of the upcoming event
  • Update the YEP Tech team on the advancement of the event preparation and flag any issues in order to discuss corrective measures

Provide both the buyers and the YEP IT companies with continuous information

At the event:

  • Provide on-site support on the day of the event
  • Monitor the meetings : which YEP IT company met with which buyer detailing the time and the duration of each meeting in an excel sheet
  • Be present throughout the whole B2B event

After the event 

  • Full report detailing the meetings and the potential deals with full details


Expected Outputs and dates

Expected outputs
Contact database and profiles of buyers prepared; communication with both YEP IT companies and buyers documented
Interested buyer and matched with YEP IT companies
3 weeks after the selection
One preparation session organised including logistics and venues
2 days before the event
Participation of a minimum of 8 relevant buyers in the B2B event.
B2B event successfully organized
Event day
Full report detailing the meetings and the potential deals resulting from the B2B event
3 weeks after the event


Payment Schedule

Final payment upon reception of all deliverables.

This would be a performance mission, which mean that all outputs shall be achieved in order to release the payment. It implies that a minimum of 8 buyers shall attend the B2B event and have actual meetings with 4 YEP IT companies. 



  • Extensive knowledge of the IT ecosystem and the potential IT services buyers in The Gambia
  • Strong networking skills and access to a comprehensive network of companies in the relevant IT & ITeS as well as vertical sectors interesting in procuring services from IT companies
  • Ability to act independently and proactively.
  • Commitment to producing results.


Advanced University Degree.


  • Proven experience in organizing B2Bs.
  • At least 8 years relevant experience in the IT & ITeS sector.



Fluency in English.