The Jobs, Skills and Finance (JSF) for Women and Youth project, in collaboration with the Agro-Processing Sector Skills Council (SSC), will support the roll out of a pilot structured apprenticeship programme in agro-processing. The apprenticeship programme will use the national occupational standard validated in the SSC to ensure trainees are meeting the required learning outcomes.

As part of the structured apprenticeship pilot, master crafts persons will take part in a recognition of prior learning (RPL) assessment conducted by the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA). As a result, mastercraftspersons will be certified for their skills as per the Gambia Skills Qualifications Framework.

Following the RPL, mastercrafts persons will take part in an upskilling program to ensure they are able to deliver the structured apprenticeship curricula to the apprentices.

In partnership with NAQAA and sector associations, ITC will assess the apprenticeship workplace and potentially invest in improving its facilities through equipment and materials support.

Mastercrafts persons in agro-processing interested in taking part in this initiative are invited to apply.


• Take part in the RPL assessment conducted by NAQAA

• Following the RPL assessment, participate in upskilling training programme, if necessary

• Deliver training programme to apprentices in line with the agro-processing apprenticeship learning framework

Requirements/ Skills:

• Must have a thorough understanding of nuts and fruit processing, with a minimum 3 years experience

• Availability to attend the RPL assessment and upskilling training, if applicable

• Capacity to train at least two apprentices in their own workplace

Deadline for submission of applications is 22nd of March 2020.

Send expression of interest and CV to