Are you a Gambian technical and vocational education and training institution (TVET) interested in learning from international peers and globally recognized best practices in your field?

If you answer this question with a yes, ITC would like to invite you to participate in its new Pilot Benchmarking Assessment from the 3rd to the 9th of December 2019.

Benchmarking is a comparison and a way to improve organizational performance, which means comparing one’s processes and performance metrics to those of peers and to the best performers among them. Through benchmarking methodology, the structure, governance and portfolio of your TVET, such as your strategy, clients and management, can be systematically assessed and analysed, in order to ensure the inclusiveness and quality of your services. ITC’s benchmarking programme comprises of four areas: Leadership and Governance, Resources and Facilities, Services, and Results and Measurement.

ITC invites interested TVETs, preferably located in the Banjul area, to apply for a place in the Pilot Benchmarking Assessment for TVETs, which will be conducted from 3rd to 9th December 2019.

Tuesday, 3rd December
1st TVET Benchmarking
Wednesday, 4th December
2nd TVET Benchmarking
3rd TVET Benchmarking
Thursday, 5th December
4th TVET Benchmarking
5th TVET Benchmarking
Friday, 6th December
6th TVET Benchmarking
Monday, 9th December
7th TVET Benchmarking

Please contact for your indication of interest or further inquiries Ms Yang Chen ( until Monday, 27th of November 2019.