Creative/Artistic mediums are useful tools that can be used to reach massive audience as it allows the constitution of a common language, an understanding, and social cohesion between people with different cultures, ethnicity languages and identity.  This makes it a powerful mechanism of communication that can generate greater impact on activities such as sensitization while promoting skills and the destination.

In the context of the current situation of the Corona virus in the Gambia, creative mediums such as music and poetry can be used by youth, artists and the general public to support sensitization measures and create an interactive environment that can additionally support destination branding, engage the people and keep sector active.


To organize an engaging online (through social media) challenge and talent promotion on the categories of Music and Poetry to sensitize and reach greater numbers of the Gambian Population on Covid 19 existence, safety and precautionary measures as well as opportunities available (trainings). Content will focus on sensitization messaging following WHO guidelines on the virus.


POETRY: An open challenge to be coordinated through a collaboration between the Poetry Café and the Writers Association of the Gambia. Members will submit self-recorded videos of Max 2mins. Videos will be left on all platforms for voting for 2days during which it can be re-shared. The challenge will allow the public to vote and the videos with the highest number of votes, likes, shares will be the winning content.

PRICE: Winner will supported to produce video and audio content. Cash prices will be awarded to winner, first and second runner-up

MUSIC: This will be a selective challenge using musicians who have already produced audio and video content sensitizing the public on coronavirus and few selected others with high number of followers/fans. Instead of allowing public voting, musicians will encourage their fans to make demonstrative videos (focusing on the C-Virus) of their music and post it online (to be reviewed by coordinators and YEP team).  Implementation will be under Black Lynx & BrandPlus.

PRICE: Fans with videos of the highest likes, and shares will get a chance to Win Phone credit, internet data, Bag of rice, or cash. Musicians will receive a flat fee/compensation.

Programme Process

  • First content review will be done by category coordinators who will send selected content to YEP communications team for final review and posting online.
  • Two poetry videos will be posted every 2-3 days for voting
  • Music content will start at the same interval after poetry round is finish.

Challenge guidelines

  • Corona Virus: content must focus on the sensitization messaging using WHO guidelines
  • Concept: Either on Myths, safety precautions, preventions measures, impact, encouraging youth and entrepreneurs to embrace current opportunities.
  • Creativity: 
  • Visual storytelling: Language (local languages are an equal priority), demonstration, subtitles,

Award Categories

  • Most voted/shared/likes
  • Award by the Jury (YEP or others) to the Best submission
  • Award by the Jury (YEP or others) to the “Youth Promise” – for youth under 20?

Proposed Dates

  • April 3rd 2020 – Adverts go out
  • April 6th 2020 – first submissions begins
  • April 13th 2020 - Deadline for submissions
  • April 13th -20th – Posting and Voting for Poetry
  • April 21st –May 1st  – Posting and voting for Music
  • May 2nd – May 4th - Selection of Winners

Number of participants

  • Poetry: 12
  • Music 12

Competition Logistics

  • Advertisement of challenge
  • Coordinators for both categories
  • Flyers for each category
  • Online voting system

Potential Partners:

  • GSM Companies (Qcell, Africell & Gamcel): to provide phone credit and internet data prices/alternative is for YEP to cover cost.
  • Black Lynx & BrandPlus: Coordinate Music Challenge
  • Poetry Café & Writers Association of the Gambia: Coordinate poetry challenge

Distribution Mediums

  • Social media –YEP, partners, other UN, EU, Tekki Fii agencies & Audience
  • TV & Radio: winning content