The Gambia like other countries across the world continue to face unprecedented socioeconomic challenges due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Small businesses are most harshly affected through production constraints, supply chain disruptions, lack of funding, loss of markets and many other disruptions. At the same time, sensitization efforts on COVID19 are crucial to protect lives. Strategic communication is key to help people across the country protect themselves from COVID19 using the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization.

2.0 Objective of the Production  

  • Raise awareness on COVID19 preventive measures in different languages.
  • Highlight the importance of using washable masks and how to keep them clean.
  • Disseminate practical information on the role entrepreneurs are playing in the fight against COVID19 as well as highlight opportunities in the sector.

3.0 Role of the Videographer/Graphic Designer 

The videographer will undertake the following duties:

3.1 Specifications:

  • Produce a 2-minute video on the use of facemasks highlighting related risk and need for complementary measures as indicated by WHO guidelines.
  • Produce the video in English, Wolof, Mandinka, Fula, Jola & Sarahule.
  • Ensure the video has a sign language interpreter
  • Produce a short video showing the work/role entrepreneurs (TVET) in fighting COVID19.
  • Produce a 2-minute video guide on how to produce face masks
  • Design a social media flyer using some basic icons on how to use facemasks
  • Design an A3 poster for the use and cleaning of clinical face shields.

Process and edit videos (and audio), including making of opening and end credits for the video, subtitling, making of simple CGI (signatures for interviewees, etc.) in line with broadcast video standards and web publishing format.

3.2 Deliverables 

  • Produce 3 different videos as mentioned above with one including translation into local languages.
  • Produce one flyer on facemasks and one A3 poster on the use of face shields

3.3 Contract Duration and Timelines

  • Please send financial & technical Proposals to
  • The contract will be effective from date of signature until the completion of all deliverables mentioned above.
  • Submission of draft for both flyers on 18th May 2020 for review and comments.
  • Submission of first edit of videos by 20th of May2020 for review and comments.
  • Submission of edited videos by 23th May 2020.

3.4 Terms and conditions of payment 

  • Please note your invoice should include cost for all the services mentioned.
  • Service will be paid upon completion of the assignment and approval from ITC.

Deadline and submission:

Interested companies shall submit both technical and financial proposals to by 15 May noon. Youth owned companies and female entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to apply.

For enquiries, please call Mr. Abdoulie Badjie on 3900088 or email