The objective of the Cultural Centre is to provide a space for creative minds, especially young Gambians, to meet, network, produce, inspire, showcase and sell their products and services. The Centre will also serve as a hub for different support services including mentorship, coaching, training and skills development. The Cultural Centre serves as catalyst for Gambians to exploit their talent. It aims to support innovation, productive capacities, market linkages and overall competitiveness with the ultimate objective to support jobs and income in the industry. Specific objectives of the Cultural Centre include:

Serve as a hub and meeting place for networking and knowledge sharing;

Support the development of products and services including  the establishment of a music production studio, a performance rehearsal area for the performing arts and a creative space for arts & craft, photography and filming;

Offer incubation, mentoring and skills enhancement training services to entrepreneurs including under the Andandorr programme – an entrepreneurship support programme supported by Gambian business development organizations;

Facilitate the commercialization of products and services through the establishment of shops, markets, shows and performances, and creating linkages with the tourism industry;

Support the overall visibility of the creative industries of The Gambia through events, promotions, exhibitions and similar activities


The REoI is open to institutions, NGOs, private sector including social enterprises. Joint submissions through public-private partnerships and consortia are highly encouraged. Specific criteria include:

Applicant(s) must be legally established/registered company or organization in The Gambia. Joint submissions by Gambian businesses/ institutions with an international partner are eligible.

Applicant(s) must demonstrate strong commitment to supporting the Creative Industries and must be prepared to contribute in-kind or financially to the establishment and running of the Centre;

Applicant(s) must demonstrate operational and technical capacity to run the Centre as per proposed modalities and service offering.

Applicant(s) with an existing facility/property to host the Centre will be given preference;

Applicants with networks within the music, performing arts, and audio-visual sub-sectors is desirable.



The EoI should include information and contact details about the applicant(s) together with a proposal as per outline and guidelines below.

Brief summary of the proposal focusing on the benefits of the initiative for the creative industries and young Gambians in particular.

Proposed governance and management model for the Centre, clearly describing the role of the applicant(s), expected partners and third-parties. The proposal should highlight the functions and services managed directly by the applicant(s) and the ones developed and offered through partnerships and a collaboration with other sector stakeholders. The business model should include a strategy for the sustainable operations of the Centre.

Description of the proposed services offering by the Cultural Centre and respective service providers, partnerships with other actors and relevant linkages. The proposal should respond to the objective stated in the EoI and provide a clear strategy for supporting the three sub-sectors identified including music production, performing arts (theatre and dance) and audio-visual industries (arts and craft, film and photography). For proposed support services directly offered by the applicant(s), the document should include a detailed description including the methodology (i.e. approach, software, tools, equipment etc.), target beneficiaries, duration of programmes and services, information about operational and technical resources (management team, technical trainers, coaches etc.)  

Detailed description of the premises for the Cultural Centre including location, structures, facilities and rooms and their related condition. Plans of the site / building and pictures should be provided alongside proof of ownership.

Proposed budget and workplan and milestones for setting up the Centre including potential refurbishment work, procurement of equipment, roll out of different services. The budget must clearly identify areas that require financial support and investment that will be co-financed by the applicant(s).

Expected results including key performance indicators for the Centre and specific services respectively.


The applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Relevance of the proposal in view of the outlined objectives

Effectiveness and impact: direct benefits for the creative industries and youths in particular

Efficiency: quality and cost of the proposed services

Location / accessibility of the proposed Centre

Commitment by the applicant(s) to supporting the creative industries including through in-kind and financial contribution

Sustainability of the business model


All proposals must be received by 21 August 2020 midnight GMT.  Proposals and supporting documents should be sent via email to yep@intracen.org .  For information on submission including delivery of hardcopies, contact Mr. Baboucarr Sallah +220 3569466 or Abdoulie Badjie on +220 3900088.