1.0 Background of Programme

The show will highlight the stories of a group of young Gambians that are making a living in The Gambia by investing in their skills. The show’s objective is to help change the general perception of skills training in The Gambia and champion TVET as a respected career path. The show will highlight opportunities in different trades including long-term career opportunities. It aims to motivate young Gambians to take up skills training as a matter of choice while also fostering support in their family environment. The primary focus of the show in the human stories that the viewers can relate to. It will include a mix of different profiles also in view of breaking through some (perceived) barriers related to gender specific roles or limitations for vulnerable groups (e.g. due to disabilities). The show will also provide a platform to inform the viewers about the broader developments in the TVET sectors including new opportunities.

2.0 Objective of the Show

Change perception about skills by making a respected and desired career path

Sensitize about opportunities in the Gambia particularly related to vocational and technical trainings

Inform about developments in the TVET sectors at large including ongoing development support

Inspire youth to take up vocational skills

Gain practical insights about specific trades, training pathways and career opportunities in different sectors / professions

Change perception of vulnerable youths related to opportunities in The Gambia based on positive messages and sharing of Made in The Gambia success stories

Disseminate practical information about local training and job opportunities and how to benefit from them

Break through gender and other stereotypes that potentially limit options for young Gambians  

Show Format

The production company will provide high-quality videos profiling each young person in each segment. With an overall infotainment feel to it, the show will combine educational and informative content. The series will focus on stories of young Gambians who are undergoing skills training or who have already graduated and are employed. The stories of the youths are complemented by the perspectives of successful Gambian who has typically made a career in the sector or can provide additional perspective and inspiration about the industry. The duration of each episode will be 20 minutes including a studio segment and a field piece profiling the person and the sector.

1)3 mins introduction of the show incl topic / sector / profiles

2)10 mins field piece including

a.Introduction of the person, trade and motivation (interview format)

b.A day at work / in training showcasing different activities, tasks, challenges (documentary style with explanatory notes)

c.Demonstrating accomplishment / skill – finished good / service. Possible testimonial from customer

3)5 mins recorded interview with an industry stakeholder providing further context about opportunities, ongoing developments, personal story, advice, tips, encouragement

4)Outro with additional information about the sector / profession. Where to find out more info, institutions to contact etc.

3.0 Role of the Videographer

The videographer will undertake the following duties:

3.1 Specifications:

•Develop overall workplan and production schedule in collaboration with ITC and QTV based on stories and locations provided:

•Develop format for the episodes (field coverage) for comments and validation by ITC and QTV:

•Prepare script and storyboard for each episode based on objectives and information provided by ITC:

•Record high quality video footage including interviews, documenting work procedures and providing insights to the training / work context

•High resolution video files of video material for TV broadcast.

Process and edit videos (and audio), including making of opening and end credits for the video, subtitling, making of simple CGI (signatures for interviewees, etc.) in line with broadcast video standards and web publishing format.

3.2 Deliverables

•Produce 1 Video per week for the entire duration of the show

•Ensure at least 7 episodes are filmed and edited by the 25th of February 2020

•Film all outdoor/field productions and edit content for broadcast.

•Produce 13 episodes of 25 minutes each for the entire project.

3.3 Contract Duration and Timelines

•The contract will be effective from date of signing until the completion of the 13 episodes.

•Submission of first set 7 episode by 15th of February 2020 for review and comments.

•Submission of final edited videos by 25th February 2020

•Submission of second set of 6 episodes by 15th March 2020

•Submission of the edited videos by 26th March 2020

3.4 Terms and conditions of payment

•Please note your invoice should include all travel cost as well as this is your responsibility.

•Service will be paid upon completion of the assignment and approval from ITC.

Please send invoices to abadjie@intracen.org