Green-Up Gambia and Trash 4 Cash initiative is offering new training Program for young Gambians in the area of Waste Management & Recycling. The trainings aims to build the capacity of youth and women in most advanced tools, techniques, best practices and skills of how to recycle and manage solid waste to tackle waste management challenges in the rural Gambia. The scholarships are offered in collaboration with the International Trade Centre through the EU-funded Job skills and Finance Program.

Selection Criteria

Applicants are required to:

Be between 16 years and 35 years old;

Have completed basic education;

Have a basic written and spoken command of the English language

Women are encouraged to apply.

Show strong commitment in acquiring the skills and completing the programme

Duration of the Program; Two weeks

Training Place; Farafeni and Soma

Application Format

Interested candidates are required fill the online application form on the website below and should be residents in the targeted regions( LRR, CRR and NBR) . The Form should be properly filled and returned no later than 26th Aug 2021. 

Register by filling this online form below or collect forms from the Governors offices of LRR, CRR aand NBR.

For any enquiries, please contact Green-Up Gambia on 3814654/ 7181319/ 3916609