YEP seeks a service provider active in the agribusiness sector of The Gambia. The service provider will provide a traineeship to 190 persons with duration of 4-12 weeks (full time). Specifically, the service provider should deliver the following:

  • Training on agricultural and/or horticultural production for 50 youth in two or three cohorts;
  • Training on agro-processing for 50 youth in two or three cohorts;
  • Training on agro-product marketing for 50 youth in two or three cohorts;
  • Training on pest control for 40 youth in two or three cohorts.
  • The traineeship programme should focus on acquiring skills through a hands-on approach. Expected activities to be carried out under the traineeship programme include, but are not limited to:
    • Hands-on training in the following areas of training: agricultural and/or horticultural production, agro-processing, agro-product marketing, and pest control;
    • Hands-on training in using tools and machines relevant to the area of training (in particular cottage industry type of machines, which youth entrepreneurs could use in small-scale businesses);
  • Sensitization on business opportunities, how to generate revenue, and how manage and grow a small company/start-up in the agribusiness sector.
  • Mentoring/coaching programme to support trainees in the transition into self-employment or employment after completion of the on-the-job training;
  • Communication materials on the results of the programme (e.g. press release, video, brochure) and statements from trainees.
  • Marketing of the programme among youth.

Format of Expression of Interest

ITC Procurement Services invites interested companies to forward their Expression of Interest (EOI) by fax or by email before the closing date to:

Procurement Services

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Telefax: +41 22-730 0900


Please indicate your vendor ID number and the reference of this EOI in your response. If not registered with ITC/UNOG or UNGM, please follow the Procedure for Registration as Potential Vendor at as soon as possible.

Reference: EOI PS/2018-43/HW Agribusiness traineeship

Date of this Call for Expression of Interest (EOI): 1 October 2018

Closing Date for Receipt of EOI at ITC/PS: 15 October 2018

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