terms of Reference

Webdesigner for Website (INCL. Domain)

1.0 Background of Programme

While it is clear that gender equality requires actions on all levels, visibility and commitments at the highest level can act as catalysts and accelerators of change. When paired with concrete actions, like the Gender Champions Initiative, they are highly likely to have lasting impact. Specifically, the objective of the Gambia Gender Champions Initiative is to promote gender equality in The Gambia by establishing and amplifying the commitment of those in leadership roles to actively further gender equality within their mandates, and to increase the visibility of women in senior positions.

The initiative is jointly coordinated by the SheTrades National Host Institution, which is anchored at the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment with support from the SheTrades Project Manager at the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the SheTrades Advisory Board, and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Children and Social Welfare. The two Ministries collaborate in the coordination of activities, communicating about the initiative, supporting Champions in setting their commitments, coordinating annual reporting of impact achieved by the Champions, and organizing annual meetings for the Champions to network and strategize together on how to accomplish their commitments.


2.0 Objective of the Website

Through the initiative of local leaders, who make pledges promoting gender equality within their mandate, gender barriers will be broken-down and collaboration between genders will be increased. The joint engagement of women and men in the Gambian economy will be strengthened through the commitment of those in leadership roles.

The designed website should increase awareness for gender equality. It will introduce and subsequently explain the initiative in detail, present the champions and their background and publicly display their commitments. At the same time, the website should allow to monitor the progress each champion makes with his or her commitments.

Through the website, the companies involved in the Gender Champions Programme will promote their prominence and the awareness for gender equality and the visibility of women in senior positions will be increased.


3.0 Role of the Web Designer 

The Web Designer will undertake the following duties to create a responsive, fully developed, functioning website:

3.1 Specifications:

  • Home (landing page with white background):
  • Show latest progress of pledges
  • Partners & Navigation Menu
  • Display selected champion (incl. person’s photo, reason for participation, company name)
  • The Gender Champions in a nutshell (incl. short description, photos of participating Champions, link to the navigation site ‘Gender Champion’)
  • Latest News: recent events/ activities of the initiatives
  • About
  • The Gambia International Gender Champions Programme
  • Explanation of the Gender Champions
  • Explanation of the Parity Pledge
  • Explanation of the Commitments
  • Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Children, and Social Welfare of The Gambia
  • SheTrades Gambia Chapter
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment
  • SheTrades Project, ITC, project donors
  • Meet the Champions
  • Pledges: Display company logo & 2 commitments & photo of pledger (+short bio)
  • Latest Updates
  • Pictures from the launch event, news, updates
  • Make your pledge
  • Contact us


  • Deliverables 
  • Provide technical design and development of the functionalities and the layout of the website in an interactive, user friendly web application and create wireframes, storyboards and prototypes to propose options for implementation in line with the visual identity;
  • Create a content management system for information publishing and updating to the various content areas such as home, gender champions, updates, contact and other bulletin boards;
  • Install and configure relevant server applications on the website and provide a host server for secure, efficient and easy access to the website across all web platforms;
  • Secure and authenticated access to the website using https transmission channels to prevent hacking and viruses;
  • Training to staff on website maintenance and content update


3.3 Contract Duration and Timeline

  • The contract will be effective from date of signing until 30 November 2019
  • Initial website design to be submitted by Friday 11 October 2019
  • Website to be finalised and live by Friday 1 November 2019
  • Website updates on launch date (tentative: 7 November 2019)

3.4 Terms and conditions of payment 

  • Payment upon successful completion of the assignment and approval from ITC.

Interested candidates should send their technical and financial proposal to:
Deadline: 18 October 2019