New Gambian tourism products at the World Travel market

The Gambia is all set to present itself to movers and shakers of the global travel industry when they converge at the World Travel Market in London on November 4.

The country will launch a new River-Based Cultural and Nature Tour called The Ninki Nanka Trail at the leading global event for the travel industry.

The Ninki Nanka Trail (NNT), which was first conceived in the 80s and opens up-country tourism along the river Gambia, is a good example towards validating such a vision. The trail, which came into being after a comprehensive amount of market research and product piloting for years, is now open for business. It offers an exciting new Gambian responsible tourism destination and product that needs to be managed differently, in a collaborative way that delivers clear benefits for both local communities and tour operators involved.

Virtual reality tours will instantly transport viewers to catch a glimpse of breath-taking scenes along the Ninki Nanka Trail.

Another highlight of The Gambia’s participation at the World Travel Market will be the Youth and Trade Roadmap of The Gambia. Designed with the technical assistance of the International Trade Centre ( ITC ) within the framework the Youth Empowerment Project ( YEP ) and funded by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, the roadmap will be instrumental in developing a sustainable tourism industry that is capable of empowering youth all across the country. It will also present the status of the sector and its challenges and inform tour operators of the existing potential in new tourism services upriver.

The Youth Empowerment Project aims to reduce migration pressures in The Gambia. It is focused on tackling the root causes of migration by developing priority sectors, access to markets, skills training, and business growth to create job opportunities for vulnerable women and youth. A manifestation of International Trade Centre’s support to government of Gambia’s efforts for supporting youth empowerment is The Tekki-Fii campaign supported by its Youth Empowerment Project.

It is providing the support that the country and in particular its youth need to respond to market demands and have access to employment opportunities at their doorstep.

These new products launched at the World Travel Market will help build resilience of rural populations most vulnerable to migration in The Gambia by providing them opportunities to thrive in their own country by engaging in sustainable tourism.