As a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, the International Trade Centre has launched the SheTrades initiative to create an ecosystem of integrated solutions that empower women economically through trade. Through country-based activities, SheTrades enables women entrepreneurs to improve the quality of their products and services.

SheTrades offers a place to promote women’s economic empowerment, support women entrepreneurs and create new business by: Letting the market know what your company has to offer; Enabling you to find new business and partnership opportunities; Matching you with companies that have complimentary interests. SheTrades offers learning opportunities for women entrepreneurs to advance their skills and as a result their businesses. It provides women entrepreneurs with a varied learning environment with a flexible curriculum. This includes free online courses, participation in face-to-face workshops, engagement through live webinars on a range of topics and a greater understanding of their markets by using ITC's tools. 

Join SheTrades and watch your business grow!