Standards Map

The Sustainability Standards module builds on the established online portal, Standards Map. It offers comprehensive, verified and transparent information on standards for environmental protection, worker and labour rights, economic development, quality and food safety, as well as business ethics.

Practitioners from many sectors and backgrounds use the website to identify relevant standards, compare information through tables and charts, and run self-assessments of their performance against standards’ requirements.The site currently covers more  than 230 standards initiatives applicable to more than 80 sectors and 180 countries


Standards Map helps users to:
  • Engage in sustainable production and trade;
  • Review and analyse various standards’ requirements and processes; 
  • Learn about potential certification costs and benefits; 
  • Access step-by-step guidance on how to comply with requirements; 
  • Evaluate additional efforts to be in compliance; 
  • Monitor progress over time using self-assessment diagnostic reports
Assess performance
  • Run a self-assessment to evaluate compliance against any set of standards and their specific requirements, using an online questionnaire.
  • A diagnostic report charts the organization’s roadmap to sustainable trade. It provides a detailed analysis of areas for improvement and can be shared online with partners.