YOUTH PAVILION at the 14th Trade Fair Gambia International

The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI)  in collaboration with Tekki-Fi is pleased to once again support youth enterprises through a Youth Pavilion at the Trade Fair Gambia International (TFGI) which will take place on March 21st to April 12th 2020.

The Youth Pavilion will offer discounted stalls to youth-owned businesses to exhibit and sell their products and services. Interested youth-owned businesses can apply for a shared space for GMD 600 each or a standard stall (3m x 3m) for GMD 1200 (tbd by Selection Committee ) at the Pavilion (90% discount).

Criteria / Eligibility:

  • Age (15 – 35)
  • Formal Business Registration
  • Evidence of record/book keeping
  • 10% contribution to the rental of the space (transporting table/ chairs/shelves etc. to fair grounds)
  • Product visualization and evidence of ownership
  • Submission of duly filled application form prior to deadline
  • Preference will be given to first- time applicants and  high quality application (All required documents attached)


  • Pre-fair Preperation
  • Marketing / branding support
  • Participation in the Youth Day
  • Networking Sessions (Speed networking and B2Bs)
  • Special media coverage (radio and television)

Preparatory Modules:

  • Marketing – Sales & Inventory, Pricing, Product development, Customer Service
  • Presentation skills
  • Trade Fair preparation (Dos & Don’t)

Required Documents:

  • ID Card/ or Birth certificate
  • Business registration certificate
  • Sample of Sales/Purchase day books for past 3 months
  • Picture of product
  • 1 min Video of why we should select you  (optional)

Please fill the application form below and submit all required documents to  or hand deliver to our main office at Kerr Jula, Bijilo. Picture samples and the 1 min video should be send via Whatsapp on `+220 5197333

Deadline for submission: 28 February 2020

All participants will be required to fill out a pre/post-fair survey