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Terms of Reference: Develop Standard Operating Procedures for the One Stop-Shop Entrepreneurship Centre(OSSEC) in Farafenni

The Gambia

Begins March 22nd

Ends March 29th

ITC invites interested consulting firms to forward their proposal for the development of a comprehensive and inclusive standard operating procedure (SOP) to guide the delivery of various services at OSSEC likewise connect the various units to the overall goal of improving the competitiveness of MSMEs and Small-Scale Cross Border Traders along the Senegambia bridge corridor.

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International Trade Centre

Job Offer: Data Consultant

The Gambia

Begins February 10th

Ends February 17th

International Trade Centre is inviting applications from highly motivated and qualified candidates for the position of a Data Consultant.

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International Trade Centre

Gambia Tech Hub Feasibility Study - Consultant Job Offer

Begins November 26th

Ends December 07th

ITC in collation with MOTIE and UNDP is seeking a Consultant, with experience in business incubators or working with start-ups, to design and execute a feasibility study regarding the creation of a tech hub in Gambia.

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International Trade Centre

Job Offer: Driver for YEP


Begins November 08th

Ends November 19th

The YEP Project is looking for an experienced driver to conduct safe and reliable driving services in The Gambia.

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International Trade Centre

Gambia Angel Investors Network - Job Offer for Managing Director

Begins November 07th

Ends November 23rd

ITC is looking for a consultant to set-up, lead and manage the establishment of the first angel investors network in the Gambia. The consultant will work under the direct supervision of the ITC Access to Finance Officer, and in close cooperation with the project team and partner institutions such as the Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA) and the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and In...

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Youth Empowerment Project (YEP)

Competition: Name for Entrepreneurship Programme

Begins November 06th

Ends November 18th

The business support organisations of The Gambia are jointly developing a programme to support the most promising entrepreneurs. Now, we are need your ideas to find a name for the programme.

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Youth Empowerment Project

Hult Prize - University of The Gambia

University of The Gambia

Begins October 03rd

Ends November 07th

In a few short years, the Hult Prize has become one of the most prestigious student competitions in existence today, offering teams unparalleled opportunities and resources. Students from the University of The Gambia can apply to win $1,000,000 in start-up funding.

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Hult Prize

Mentoring Programme for Young Women Entrepreneurs - 2nd Edition

Begins November 01st

Ends November 09th

The Bridging Gaps Advisory Mentoring Programme gives young women entrepreneurs early in their careers the opportunity to receive guidance from experienced women leaders on how to further develop their business skills, knowledge and network.

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Bridging Gaps Advisory (BGA)

Communications Consultant Job Offer

Begins October 26th

Ends November 10th

The Youth Empowerment Project is looking for a Communications Consultant to work in close collaboration with its local team in Banjul and its implemented partners across The Gambia. The Communications Consultant will be responsible for producing and reviewing content to promote YEP visibility.

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Youth Empowerment Project (YEP)

Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks (CSEB) Production and Use Training

West Coast and Greater Banjul Area, North Bank Region, Central River Region

Begins October 18th

Ends October 31st

The Earth Builders Association, in collaboration with the Startup Incubator and the International Trade Centre, are inviting applications for a scholarship to pursue employability skills development training in compressed stabilised earth blocks (CSEB) production and use.

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Earth Builders Association and SIG

Training Provider of Agribusiness Traineeship (EOI)


Begins October 02nd

Ends October 15th

The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) seeks a service provider that can offer on-the-job training programmes in agricultural and/or horticultural production, agro-processing, agro-product marketing, and pest control for young Gambians. The service provider should be an enterprise in the agribusiness sector, active in the aforementioned training areas or in closely related activities.

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International Trade Centre

Marketing Mentor Wanted

YEP Banjul Office

Begins September 01st

Ends September 18th

The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is implementing a five months training (24.09.2018 to 01.02.2019) aiming at providing 300 IT students with skills in internet marketing to allow them to work on global online freelancing platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. The training will take place on the CodersTrust dedicated platform and occasional face-to-face meetups. For this purpose, the YEP team i...

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If you wish to advertise an opportunity on this page, please contact yep@intracen.org