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Ends August 21st

The International Trade Centre (ITC) in collaboration with the Government of The Gambia through the National Centre of Arts and Culture (NCAC) invites expressions of interest (EoI) from reputable organizations and businesses with proven capacity to establish and operate a Cultural Centre focused on promoting the creative industries and supporting young Gambians in the sector. The Cultural Centre...

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Tekki Fii Grants

Grants up to D50,000 to facilitate acquisition of equipment, materials, licenses and other business critical inputs and assets. Grants are disbursed either as cash or as assets, but asset disbursements will be given priority where feasible. No collateral, interest rate or repayment requirements.

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YEP Mini Loan Scheme

Begins October 24th

The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), in partnership with the Social Development Fund (SDF), brings a solution to increase accessibility to finance for youth-led micro, small and medium sized enterprises in The Gambia.

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Social Development Fund

Sell your products at The Good Market

ASSERT, in partnership with YEP, is inviting youth entrepreneurs to become one of the 25 selected vendors of the pop-market scheduled for its first event on October 6th. Vendors will be provided a stand, training and marketing support.

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Hackcovid Challenge

Ends May 05th

YEP Tech & HackWeakEnd present the HackCovid19 Challenge, a Virtual Hackathon to create solutions that will drive social impact, with the aim of tackling challenges related to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic In The Gambia. The HackCovid Challenge will create an online space where people can ideate, experiment and build solutions to help address this crisis. Register here until 5th May

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KMC Mayor Challenge _Tekki Fii Andandorr

YEP has set up a million Dalasis fund to sponsor solutions that can help overcome difficulties affecting Kanifing Municipal Council. The fund will be awarded to innovative young entrepreneurs with smart and effective business solutions that tackle socio-economic challenges caused by COVID-19 and help the Gambian economy adapt and recover.

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Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC)

SheTrades Gambia: Horticulture Coordination Consultant


Ends April 26th

SheTrades Gambia is looking for a Horticulture Coordination Consultant to coordinate support programmes to women’s horticultural gardens, support market linkage programme for export and create market linkages to tourism industry and domestic buyers.

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SheTrades Gambia

TVET Management System Training

Begins April 20th

Ends April 15th

The International Trade Center(ITC) in collaboration with the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA) is offering a free online course on Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Management. This course will explores effective ways in which TVET institutions can leverage the expertise of employers and other local stakeholders such as government institutions, trade...

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Begins April 06th

Creative/Artistic mediums are useful tools that can be used to reach massive audience as it allows the constitution of a common language, an understanding, and social cohesion between people with different cultures, ethnicity languages and identity. This makes it a powerful mechanism of communication that can generate greater impact on activities such as sensitization while promoting skills and t...

SheTrades Grant Scheme

Greater Banjul

Begins March 31st

SheTrades Gambia launched a financial support package for women entrepreneurs to provide financial stability, bridge revenue shortages, and avoid that necessary investments for business expansion are put on hold. The grant scheme allows women entrepreneurs who are part of the SheTrades Gambia business expansion programme to access funding of up to USD 5,000 to purchase equipment, materials, and ot...

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SheTrades Gambia, MOTIE and NACCUG

Part-time Junior Tech Startup Engagement Consultant


Ends April 06th

YEP TECH is looking for a part-time junior tech startup engagement consultant. The consultant will focus on the engagement with tech startups supported by the YEP tech component.

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E-learning SME Trade Academy

The SME Trade Academy offers free online courses for people interested on trade support, entrepreneurship, export development and many other subjects. Follow an online course from here and continue your training!

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ITC SME Trade Academy

Invitation for an Application for Entrepreneurship Training Workshop


Ends March 21st

The Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA) in Collaboration with Youth Empowerment (YEP) under the Andandorr Program are inviting applications for 80 qualified youths between the ages of 15-35 in the regions of West Coast, Central River, and Lower River to apply for the Empretec Six Days Entrepreneurship Training Workshop. The training would be funded by Youth Empowerment Project...

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Consultant to carry out a pre-feasibility study in the communities of Manjai and Bakoteh

Manjai and Bakoteh

Ends March 16th

SOS Children’s Villages The Gambia is looking for a Consultant to carry out a pre-feasibility study in the communities of Manjai and Bakoteh to provide SOS Gambia with a basis for decision making on what type of interventions, services and activities are feasible within the planned project, in the best interest of the target group. The Consultant should go strictly by the stipulated Terms of Refer...

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SOS Children’s Villages The Gambia (SOS Gambia)

Trainers for bookkeeping and financial literacy

Ends March 09th

SheTrades Gambia is seeking the services of a proactive institution, company or individuals to enhance the capacity of the SheTrades companies in bookkeeping and accounting standards. The training will also include a hand-on coaching component that will allow the participating women entrepreneurs to implement what they learnt during the training. Interested applicants can send hard copies of their...

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SheTrades Gambia

National Consultant For Tourism & The Creative Industries


Ends March 15th

ITC in collaboration with the government and industry partners developed the Youth and Trade Road Maps for the Creative Industries and the Tourism sectors to identify and activate job and income opportunities for young Gambians in these growth sectors. The Roadmaps include action plans that guide the work of the project and its partners. ITC seeks the services of a National Consultant to ass...

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Skills TV Show Host TOR


Ends March 11th

The show will highlight the stories of a group of young Gambians that are making a living in The Gambia by investing in their skills. The show’s objective is to help change the general perception of skills training in The Gambia and champion TVET as a respected career path. The show will highlight opportunities in different trades including long-term career opportunities. It aims to motivate young...

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