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Begins September 06th

Ends September 15th

As part of our objectives to support capacity development, innovation, creativity and create international market linkages in fashion, weaving and garment industry, the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) in partnership with SheTrades Gambia will support strong candidates in the weaving sub-sector and fashion design to participate on a study tour to Ethiopia and attend SheTrades Global. The objective...

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YEP Mini Loan Scheme

Begins October 24th

The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), in partnership with the Social Development Fund (SDF), brings a solution to increase accessibility to finance for youth-led micro, small and medium sized enterprises in The Gambia.

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Social Development Fund

Sell your products at The Good Market

ASSERT, in partnership with YEP, is inviting youth entrepreneurs to become one of the 25 selected vendors of the pop-market scheduled for its first event on October 6th. Vendors will be provided a stand, training and marketing support.

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YEP Mini Grant Scheme

Greater Banjul, North Bank and Central River regions

Begins January 02nd

The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP), through the National Association of Co-Operative Credit Unions of The Gambia (NACCUG), brings a solution to grassroots entrepreneurs in need of support to start of capital to boost their businesses. With the mini-grant scheme, Gambian youth with a solid business plan can apply for grants up to D47,000. The mini-grant funds will be disbursed to grantees eithe...

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On-the-job Agro-processing Training Programme

GHE Farm and Multi-purpose Agro-processing Centre at Kembujeh Village and GHE Banjulinding Agro-food Processing Training Centre

Begins June 04th

Ends May 28th

Gambia Horticultural Enterprises (GHE) with support from The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is offering an 9-week on-the-job training programme in agro-processing for Gambian youth.

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Gambia Horticultural Entreprises

GHE Agribusiness Youth Training Series

GHE Premises in Kembujeh Village, Old Jeshwang, and Banjulinding

Begins June 04th

Ends May 27th

Gambia Horticultural Enterprises (GHE) with support from The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is offering a series of on-the-job training programmes in agribusiness for Gambian youth. Three separate training programmes are open for application: 1) Agro-processing Training Programme 2) Pest Control Training Programme 3) Agro-product Marketing Training Programme

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Gambia Horticultural Entreprises

SheTrades Workshop

YEP Office, Bakau

Begins May 16th

Ends May 16th

The workshop will provide the opportunity for women entrepreneurs and business support institutions to gain knowledge on export procedures and solutions, as well as to improve their understanding of the SheTrades Initiative.

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ITC SheTrades

Skills Training Scholarships

PIA Skills Training Centre in Bakau

Ends May 10th

Would you like to develop market-relevant skills? Apply to this training programme at Real Tech! Real Tech Gambia Ltd in partnership with The President’s International Awards, The Gambia (PIA) are inviting applications for a scholarship for Gambian youth to pursue employability skills development training in any of the following areas of study: tablet repairs, mobile phone repairs, flat panel TV r...

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Real Tech Gambia Ltd and The President’s International Awards, The Gambia (PIA)

Projet 54 – WIA Entrepreneurs’ Club


Begins April 01st

Ends May 10th

Project 54 – WIA Entrepreneurs’ Club, will identify fifty-four (54) female entrepreneurs, one from each of the 54 countries composing the African continent. The selected women will be invited to the International Annual Summit WIA in Marrakesh (27-29 September 2018) and receive support in networking opportunities and mentoring.

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Women In Africa (WIA) Philanthropy

Communications Consultant Job Offer

Banjul, Gambia

Begins April 25th

Ends May 02nd

The Youth Empowerment Project is looking for a Communications Consultant to work in close collaboration with its local team in Banjul and its implemented partners across The Gambia. The Communications Consultant will be responsible for producing and reviewing content to promote YEP visibility.

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Youth Empowerment Project

Hack the Weak End

Begins April 27th

Ends April 27th

HackWeakEnd, an Initiative by Young Africans focused on creating an impact in our societies by using technology and technology based events to solve ills and issues plaguing us.

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OpenSource Academy

Skills for Youth Employment Fund (SkYE)

Begins March 20th

Ends April 19th

The objective of the SkYE Fund is to provide skills training to youth to meet existing job needs or in the case of self-employment, successfully meet market opportunities. Training programmes supported under the SkYE Fund must meet an identified skill shortage and lead to work or to the establishment of small viable businesses.

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YEP Gambia & NAQAA

Sustainable Tourism Business Webinars


Begins February 23rd

Ends February 27th

ITC SheTrades is organizing a series of five webinars on “Unlocking Markets By Building A Sustainable Tourism Business”. They will take place in the upcoming weeks until before the end of June 2018.

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ITC SheTrades

SheTrades Global

Liverpool, UK

Begins June 26th

Ends June 28th

Are you a young female Gambian entrepreneur? Apply to join the Gambian delegation for SheTrades Global 2018. SheTrades Global is the anchor event on women in the economy during the International Business Festival (IBF), and will host 600 companies to learn and do business.

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ITC SheTrades

Youth Pavillion at Trade Fair Gambia International

Independence Stadium in Kanifing

Begins February 02nd

Ends February 15th

YEP will support the participation of youth businesses from different sectors in the 12th International Trade Fairs by Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). Young entrepreneurs can apply until 15 February.

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Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Young Leaders Programme

Online - Brussels

Begins January 31st

Ends March 02nd

The European Commission is inviting young people from around the world to play an active role in this year’s EDD. We are looking for 15 extraordinary young people aged 21-26 who can represent the powerful impact that youth are having in the development field. The Young Leaders Programme will consist of a 10-day visit to Brussels, where Young Leaders will meet EU experts, stakeholders and play a le...

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European Commission

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